fade to... green?This boy is just a fount of knitting inspiration.  Please note- the nicely matching hat I’ve made for his big brother from “The Yarn Harlot’s” “Unoriginal” Hat Pattern.  (Actually- It just happened to match- I swear!)

 I used Berrocco’s Ultra Alpaca in some randomly stashed green color.  I held the yarn doubled and used a set of five US size 10.5  DPN’s.  This could very well be, the Hat of Christmas 07 around here.  It’s a nice knit (not boring- but still easy) and FAST….. Have I mentioned I like FAST?  Will be trying to work out a matching scarf pattern later. Then- I need to find a pattern for THIS.  That would be perfect for the middle boy.

I’m experimenting with Jaeger Natural Fleece on a size 11 for my potato headed, oldest son.  (boy has a huge head… just like his Dad;) It’s a very marled look- totally different than middle son’s hat.  Which is both good, and necessaary as they do not “Do”-matchy- matchy. 

I’ll also be working up a smaller version for the youngest… he DOES do matchy matchy;)

More pics later.  BTW… my down stream sp reently received a pkg and posted about it- she likey she likey. Whew.  Let’s just say our tastes are not exactly the same so I was REALLY glad she liked her goodies;)

Oh- and just for fun…. if my boys don’t clean their rooms before logging on to runescape…. I’m going to make them play a japanese girlie KNITTING GAME online.  No lie.