tarnishOK.  So- it’s actually, mostly cheap silver-plate.  (With the exception of a couple of awards that my Husband has won for work… ;) But- it still has to be cleaned.  Eventually. 

Funny.  The silver really gets disgusting.  Most things that get this disgusting at my house- are simply thrown out.  (Hence, the great pile o crap for my kids to haul to the curb each week;) But the silver?  I clean it every year.  It’s too valuable to toss.  (Even if it’s only “real” value is sentimental.)

So, once a year- I bring out the “toot” (our favorite euphemism for gaseous expulsions) scented cleaning products, soft cloths and freshly update I-Pod, and I set to work.

Buff- scrub, polish and shine.  Eventually, the bronze patina gives way to the luster of the silver below.  What looked ready for the trash pile- is now (mostly-as you can see- I’m not a perfectionsit about this) ready for holiday display.  What was too disgusting to hold my own afternoon tea-let alone offer to company- is now ready for service.

Some days- I feel like disgusting silver. Tarnished with my own gunk- and with my responses to the gunk and offenses of others.  Sometimes,  everyday living seems to leave a tarnish on my life. I feel ready for the trash heap.  Definitely, not ready for service, let alone display.

True- sometimes I am a mess.  (no-one who reads here regularly- is surprised by this) But, does that mean I’m ready for the weekly trash pile-o’crap?  Nope.   There is someone who values me enough to do the hard work of cleaning up my gunk.  He sees past the tarnish- and knows I am valuable.  He knows just how much buffing and scrubbing I need- and is ready to help.  Even if there is a stench involved;)

Not- just once a year.  Not once a month or even- just once a day.  But, constantly.

Why?  It has nothing to do with me- I’ll tell you that.  It has everything to do with Him.   The silversmith who created me for a purpose– and lovingly tends to me- banging out dents- clearing off tarnish- or melting me down for a total re-make.  His name is Jesus.

He says- His love is for all who accept it.  A gift for the taking- for simply- believing.

Today- I’m cleaning the silver.  And asking God to clean up my tarnish. 

Dear Lord- I just can’t seem to keep- tarnish-free- I ask- once again- that you’d do the work of cleaning my heart- let me be a reflection- of you- I love you Lord- and thank you for the gift of your love- amen