chocolate milk aids ribbonThe teens were in the front room.  I could hear them killing headless pigs on Runescape…..I made my way through the room to check on them, aggravate them a bit, and pick up in there.  Next to the middle guys laptop, was a red ribbon.  Perfectly twisted and pierced with a pin. 

Boys don’t generally have ribbons. “What’s the ribbon from?” Ready for whatever random answer was about to come…. wondering if a cute girl was involved and somewhat irritated by it and the bowl with ramen noodle residue and assorted wrappers also being left on the coffee table.

Without so much as a glance up from wood chopping (another runescape thing- which I absolutely do not find fun in the slightest….) he answered “Oh- I didn’t buy chocolate milk today- instead- I bought that- they were selling those for Aids research at lunch…….”

I had to leave the room.  (ok- in full disclosure- it is getting close to my period—- but- my boy sacrificed his beloved chocolate milk for others. *sniff* I love that kid.)

That boy drinks chocolate milk for lunch every single day.  He loves it.  And- If there is world championship for “getting the most for teenage dollars” This kid would be the champ. He budgets and plans his lunch money spending for the week……and instead- he donated it to Aids research.

For once- I didn’t nag about the ramen noodle bowl. 

 I want to be like my kid when I grow up.    (well- except for the whole killing headless pig things- and virtual wood chopping…..not so much wiht that)

In honor of chocolate milk giving—- I’m going to check into getting involved with this the global P.E.A.C.E. plan… what are you doing about aids?

 Dear Lord- I pray that you’d continue to grow my guys in compassion and generosity, I love you Lord- and thank you for them all. amen-

knitting update- Flower Basket shawl- is on pattern repeat 5:

flower basket shawl update