christmas gridHave yet to knit-

 A hat (copy of a Hollister Co. Hat ) (already started…fingers crossed, which makes it hard to knit, I’ll tell you that.)

Tiny little ballerina slippers for my niece.

 Have yet to do….

Oh- way too much to list here. Let’s just say I have 3 spreadsheets I’m working from…

Christmas Spreadsheets: (yeah, I’m crazy like that)

1) Christmas gifts– bought to buy and wrapped columns.

2) To do list- cleaning

2) To buy- cook/bake list for parties- (Christmas Eve and Christmas day)

 PS- have to make a trip to the vet- our girl Sami (aka: bad dog Sami) had another (much smaller) seizure this morning… please pray for our girl. thnx.