noro striped scarf knock off

 Bad knitter- bad wife. I looked at my husband’s coat the other day and realized he’s wearing a scarf I knit the year I learned how… ummm garterstitch brown ugly….blah.

So, I cast on a “noro stripe”  inspired by (ok- copied off of) Brooklyntweed.   I’m using Plymouth’s Boku in a brown and a green/brown colorway.  US size 7’s.  To match his green hazel eyes;)

 Also still working on the Hemlock Ring blanket:  Somewhere on row 91 I think….

hemlock ring blanket

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 I participated in the Heifer International fundraising drive via Cara at JanuaryOne…. and I won a prize! A big prize!

Behold, the new Lexie Barnes Lady B who resides with me! 

spin out prizeThe bag is a wonderful size,  big- but not bulky.  Fabric is coated canvas and ballistic nylon (I believe) pretty and durable.  Perfect.

It is loaded with inner and outside pockets- and is in  beach happy colors… (perfect for michigan in January) INSIDE the bag were 2 skeins of gorgeous Sundara yarn!  One of her most awesome silk lace in “sunshine” and one of herw coveted sock yarn in Pine over sunshine… lovely! Top it all off with a bit of soak in Citrus and some lovely crafters balm… and I say Merry Christmas Happy New Year to me!

A HUGE Thank you to Cara for organizing and doing all the work involved in  SpinOut-and the giveaway… she’s preggers and working- so this was an especially hige undertaking- THANKS SO MUCH!

 OK- I’m nearly embarrassed to say, that after a methodic and obsessive stalking of the MommyCast website- (one of my favorite mommy- podcasts) I won a number of fabulous prizes from their holiday giveaway!  You can click through to see all that I won… suffice to say- shoes for the boy- and me) (haven’t arrived yet.. will post pics when they do)  turkeys, (ok, turkey gift certificates…)  a CD (Alvin and the Chipmunks… which was a very cute movie;)   and a new digital camera for my purse were all involved!!!!

(I enter contests all the time- but never win anything!- can’t say that anymore!) I’d like to thank MommyCast and their sponsors for all of the goodies- it was really overwhelming and exciting! Looking forward to the new boots and shoes for my guy…. gotta love packages that arrive in the mail… for free!

 And- yes- I meant the title- I’m avoiding taking down the tree…. I love Christmas… but hate that naked feeling when the tree is gone… no matter how much I fuss with furniture… it’s just not the same. 

We generally try to make the tree stripping as fun as the tree decorating— popcorn, movies (Underdog on demand) and cocoa.. but you know- taking down is just not the same!