“Noooooooooooooo!”  I screamed.  Time slowed down- as I – with Matrix like Mom- moves- spun and dove for the toilet paper. I had to rescue the earth from toilet paper extinction.  The last roll of toilet paper (here, anyways) was being sucked at the speed of light into the evil vacuum cleaner.  (Gotta love a Dyson) The sound of the roll, still attached to the holder, spinning like a gangsta’s wheels, was deafening.   Sheet after sheet was eaten by the Dyson monster, before the carnage even registered in my brain.  I had to act fast.

I just went in there to clean the floor- not save the world’s toilet paper supply.  But- alas- I was called upon to serve- and serve I did.  I have no reason why it didn’t cross my mind to shut off the vacuum… I just remember feeling… so much…  At that moment- I felt betrayed by my long time, trusted friend- I feared that evil entities were dwelling inside…hiding behind the pink and grey plastic.  I knew I had to move fast- to rescue- then later,  I would consider conquering the enemy.  That- or my brain froze like an over heated lap-top and all I could do was grab at the toilet papaer as it flew off the roll.  Either way.  I win the prize for domestic dufus;)

I will not yell at the vacuum. Out loud. Any more. Today, anyways… We will work through the boys and the beagles’  new fear of vacuum cleaners this afternoon… I think the trauma of my tortured screams can be healed, with time and love….

 So- let’s talk about my knitting- now that you’ve been assured of my psychotic break.  Bird in Hand Mittens and Hemlock Rings BlanketApparently I was wrong—Hemlock isn’t just a poison.. and it totally IS contagious!  Fortunately- unlike most virus’ you CAN catch this one repeatedly;) At least when you’re knitting…The Hemlock Ring Blanket, that is;)

This is the third Hemlock Ring Blanket, (pattern recipe found at BrooklynTweed). that I’ve finished…. It’s in Moda Dea Silk n Wool. (Joann’s)  It’s about 65″ across.  A nice lap blanket size.  I knit it for the new living room sofa/loveseat that I don’t own yet…it’s my motivation to save up $ for it;)

Then there have been mittens.  These are called “Bird In Hand” by Kate Gilbert.  Being knit in Berrocco’s Ultra Alpaca in Navy and Natural.  US size 2 DPNs. They are basically turning out HUGE. (I firmly believe they are in cahoots with the vacuum, but I digress) I am going to finish them anyway— because I think they will be adorable- tied together and hung on my front door!

 I have to thank Kasiaiscarly and Kat for nominating me for this:

you make my day award
AWWWWW ;) Thnx ladies….
And now— for just a few of the (Way more than this) people who make my day:
Iris– who inspires everyone who clicks…
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The internet- a great place for people to make your day…(even when you lose a battle with toilet paper and a vacuum cleaner) who ‘da thunk it?
PS- going to do laundry- if you don’t hear from me in 48 hours- send in the Marines…..I may be going after missing socks in the dryer….