The phrase “Dropping like flies” seems to fit for my family this week.  Dropping with various viral/bacterial infections, that is.

Middle Son- did not return to school until today, and I fully expect the school nurse to be calling at any moment- to go pick him up.  Youngest son, now has a fever and has been laying around all day.  Spin the wheel and we’ll see who’s next.  The oldest?  Me?  DH? The dog??? Round and round she goes— where she stops- the nose must blow!

The oldest rarely gets sick- he just complains about everyone else “faking it.”  (hard to fake a fever… but you knpw- he’s the oldest- they always complain… ;)

We’ve a few rules about sick-days:

1) If you’re too sick for school- you are too sick for video games.  (Mostly for the big boys)

2) If you’re sick…. you’re pretty much spoiled.  Soup? Cocoa?  Patting or be left alone? You got it.

3) If mom is sick- not much changes. (I think that’s a universal rule of mothering… however- last week I was down with a migraine- and actually went to be early… that’s a pretty rare occurance!)

So- what do you do when you’re kids are sick?  With the youngest- it’s a jammie/cuddle/pick the carrots out of my chicken soup kind of day… (I usually make him pick them out himself… why DOES Campbells keep putting carrots in their chicken and stars soup?????  Are there any kids that eat them???  Is there some kind of farmer/Campbells conspiracy??:)

 Hope the flu- hasn’t hit you!

Will update when I’m not picking carrots out of soup….;)