kauniThe weather has been YUK… Everyone here has been sick.  Even the dog is sick of winter and she LOVES the snow.  I’ve tried brighter light bulbs, looking at beach pic’s (which just make me miss the beach) and denial.  But-nothing is working.  Like it or not-  it’s here-(and it’s grey)  the Winter doldrums.  DUM DUM DUM. 

What’s a girl to do?  Well- A vacation in a sunny spot would be nice…. but with pending college costs and thread-bare furniture… that just isn’t a priority right now… so- instead- a little alternative medicine:

The Kauni Cure.   I ordered 4 balls of Kauni Yarn from Little Knits. It arrived and I’ve been winding it and playing with swatching.  My plan is to knit the “Autumn Cardigan” Designed by Ruth Sorensen.   Since I was once asked by a teen girl whether I was “goth” because I wear so much black…. it is safe to say these colors are a streeeeeeetch for me.  But- at this time of the year- a little drastic color therapy is necessary.  The Kauni is a true Shetland style wool.  Very sheepy (read has bits of grass etc) and well not the softest thing ever, although I understand it softens up quite a bit after a nice long soak.  This project is all about color- so we’ll forgive the feel for now.

This will include- “steeking” which involves taking a scissors to finished knitting and a number of other techniques that I haven’t tried yet.  Really— I have no clue whether I can knit this or not- it may be entirely past my skill set.  But- hey it’s only yarn, it’s only knitting- and Pushing Daisies won’t be back until next year…

I have to do something while my family watches “Don’t forget the Lyrics” , “Deal or no Deal” (which I just can’t stand , as no one wins and it’s dumb luck…. no challenge no play-along-ability of yelling out answers or ANYTHING) and American Idol (which is sometimes ok, sometimes annoying- but not bad background music for knitting;) 

So- as a cure for the winter yuks, I’ll be starting this sweater this weekend….. a fresh adventure to beat the winter blahs…. or a major knitterly crisis of identity— who knows? 

Either way- should be fun to watch— unless you want to join me in a little Kauni Cure- and knit along!