Names have been collected and printed out…. Each name was carefully cut free from it’s paper trappings.  A worthy vessel was chosen to contain them. (My first colorwork- ” we call him spidey hat” :  see my projects in Ravelry (TraceyinMichigan) for the links;) I then searched hill and dale for the one who could draw out the sword…from the stone… (OK— so I asked Noah- who is also a Birthday Boy today! Happy Birthday, Noah!) To draw out one name… and he chose……..

Karen!  Congrat’s Karen! 

I’ll be e-mailing for your addy;) I’ll ship your pattern book ASAP!

drawing results

Thnx to everyone who left comments and PM’s at Ravelry— it’s been fun meeting so many knitters! Hope you’ll come back for a visit.  Also— Birthday Wishes for Noah-in the comments- will ensure another contest in the near future;)