jay walker sock in keegan lane ballet slippers

I’ve been:

1) sick

2) recovering

3) playing nurse for everyone else who’s been sick.  (Everyone’s been so kind taking turns… aka stretching out this season of sickness for all it’s worth!  And- As I’ve taught my guys to share— they have been sharing liberally… good with snacks not so good with virus’ and bacteria. )

4) Celebrating the never ending birthday of my youngest.  (Somehow, this kids “birthday party” has cloned into parties….. one for one part of the family— another with friends, another with another part of the family……and the immediate family….. and so on… and so on…maybe its the birthday business making us sick????  PS- the yellow frosting on a McDonalds birthday cake is permanent… at least when it comes into contact with acrylic nails at 2:30 a.m. when I NEEDED some cake… caught yellow handed, I suppose!  Be forewarned:!)

The sickness thing is just annoying…. enough said.   And expensive… tissues… tissues… with lotion… tissues with anti-viral dots… decongestants… throat lozenges and GIANT bottles of Ibuprophen…..not to mention popsicles and chicken soup by the case.  

But- we’re recovering…. I think…. let’s just say— the amount of bleach and various sanitizing chemicals I’ve been using have effectively removed my fingerprints… I could now be a spy.  (Not really… but sheesh- I’ve been bleaching everything but the pets… and they are nedt on my list of carrier-suspects;)

 So- instead of flus, colds and strep— lets talk pretty yarn!

This past week I recieved an order from my favorite online shop- The Loopy Ewe.  In it, was carefully tucked,  3 beautiful skeins of a new (to me)  indie dyer- “Keegan Lane Yarns.” I purchased:  Shy Violet, Ballet Slippers and Milky Way.  Each handpainted skein comes with a pretty little matching (I love matching) stitch marker.  The colors are terrific- and the yarn is knitting up beautifully.  The twist on the yarn is smooth and even-getting  guage wasn’t a challenge at all. The dye work is lovely and it was well skeined- no knots or bad bits.  An A+ New dyer! I highly recommend.

The base yarn reminds me of Socks That Rock and Wollmeise— very nice.

US 1½ / 2.5 mm (I’m using Knit Picks Harmony DPN’s

Keegan Lane Yarns Ballet Slippers Toasty Sock

1 skeins = 420.0 yards (384.0m)

no purl mok=nkeys- froggedI started a pair of no-purl monkeys (based on Knitty’s original pattern.  I used Keegan Lane Yarn in the “Ballet Slippers” Colorway… but once I started knitting- I decided it was begging to be a pair of jaywalkers!  (The jaywalkers are in the pic above.)

In the end- I think it was worth ripping them back and starting again in the jaywalker pattern— just seems to make the most of the yarn and pattern!   However— I now must absolutely make a pair of no-purl monkeys in a more subtle colorway;)

 They are fast and simple and prettiful;)  Meets my sock knitting requirements!  If you can get your hands on a skein (or 5)  of Keegan Lane Yarns… I highly recommend it!  

 Today, I’ve posted a devotional at Laced With Grace called “Me, Version 2.0”  You’ll read about my most recent Windows Vista update… and how God’s been trying to update me- too;) (A little hint— I keep clicking “Update later” Sound familiar?) 

I hope you’ll pop over for a visit-  and read some of the other great posts at Laced With Grace- the girls writing there are just phenomenal!

 Also- today is the last day to enter for the Laced With Grace Contest– the prize is a wonderful 50% scholarship to the Proverbs 31 “She Speaks Conference.”   Make sure to leave a comment at LWG for one more chance to win!!!