Cover shotShould I prolong the excitement?  Should I tantalize you with statistics?  (over 220 entries;) Should I dazzle you with pics?   what happens when I try to print out the entries--- someone swipes the oreo guts...

Or should I just announce the winner?

Drumroll please…..


oreo covered drawing judge....Congrats to Chezclutter!

                                                                           This is what happens while I                                                        do something… like print out 200+ entries…


Thanks to everyone for playing along and stopping by- I like to do a great giveaway about once a month-;) Check back and watch on Ravelry!

And- really- either buy the book/s or check them out at the library- (IF we want more books with patterns to fit- we better buy them up- let your dollars talk to the designers and publishers;) They are more than worth the investment- You will save money and time by knitting what works and FITS;) 

Don’t forget the Toronto Launch at Lettuce Knits- I’ll be there! Better yet- there will be cupcakes and THE SWEATERS for YOU to try on!!!!!

Details are at the Lettuce Knit site and on the knitty blog.  From the Knitty blog you can also click through to see the flickr stream of many of the sweaters on Knitters! Check it out- buy the book- cast on!  You’ll be glad you did!

What the heck- while you’re here… take a peek around;)