Youngest child:  “MOMMY! I want a popsicle!”

Mommy:  “No, it’s almost time for dinner.”

Youngest child: “I will eat my dinner-I promise! – I’m STARVING for a popsicle.”

Mommy:  “I said, NO.”

Youngest child: “PLEEEEEEASE?”  (voice pitch rising to a whine that only dogs can hear level…)

Mommy: “You can have one after dinner, not now.”

Youngest Child:  “MOMMY, I NEED a popsicle!”

Mommy: “If you ask me again- you won’t get any after dinner, either.”

Youngest child. Arms crossed. Brows furrowed. “You are the devil”.

I’ve been a mom for over 18 years I thought I’d heard it all…. I’ve been called a lot of things.. but really now, The Devil?  Hilarious. Told you- there are no popsicles in h*ll, because apparently I am the devil and do not allow them. 

Mental note- Next week buy nasty tasting sugar free popsicles…. that’ll teach him.