lampshade swiftOnce in a while, you just gotta play hookie from routine. That’s what my family is doing for the next couple of days!  We’re off an a little international adventure.  As any good adventurer I’ve already had a test of my resourcefulness- see the pic to the right.  Yes.  That is yarn on a hotel lampshade.  I didn’t wind the next ball for my current project- and had to wind it once we arrived.  No one volunteered to hold the yarn hank for me- so I had to improvise;) Creative and resourceful- yep- that’s me;)

My husband travels (alot) for work- and we decided to join him for a few days.  Then- we’re extending the “work trip” and making it fun.  Toronto will be our “fun” destination.  This past month has been pretty stressful.  Between Hubby’s travel- our schedule and a speaking engagement I had this week-(I spoke on grief to a MOPS Group that had very recently- lost one of it’s Moms to breast cancer- if you’re the praying type- I appreciate your prayers for the ladies and family involved;) ) I’m  pooped.  I needed a rest and some fun- and so does my family.  So- we’re playing hookie from Real Life.

Why Toronto?  Well. Ummm. Quite possibly because I am crazy. Toronto is holding it’s annual “Knitter’s Frolic”  this weekend, and it happens to coincide with the More Big Girls Knits Ca Launch at Lettuce Knit.  There will be cupcakes, and knitters and yarn and and wonderful, creative, fun- people. After my first MBGK experience– How could I not go?  Being around people like that- refreshes and energizes me.

I won’t be dragging my poor  non-knitting family to the event- they will be off on their own adventure for the day;) However- I won’t be wandering the streets alone. Ravelry has provided me with a pretty incredible opportunity  to meet, IRL people I’ve met online. Truth be told- that breaks many of my personal internet usage-rules. I have teenagers and a young one- you know…IRL meetings of internet peoples…are generally discouraged;)

But this is different- these are knitters!  Knitters are a rather interesting bunch.  While there is diversity abound- there is a commonality and connection, that I find both intriguing and addictive. Internet “meetings” blog stalkings (hi Amy! Hi jillian!  etc…) are fine…. but somewhat flat.  there is a spark and energy that you just can’t get “online”.  Knitting events, groups and other events groups-like MOPS convention etc. give women a rare opportunity to connect over a common interest/ passion.

Of course- most believe that meeting people from the internets can be dangerous… and it’s often, true.  But so can going to the grocery store and meeting people IRL. (which I also do. ) Once in a while- you find yourself in a situation where the risk is outweighed by the potential.  This is one of those times.  (Now- this could all blow up in my face and I could end up meeting some serial knitter killer- but I doubt it I’ve done my homework in advance;)

In general- I’ve found- that people are worth the risk of getting to know. 

So look forward to a report on the adventures- complete with pics and commentary;) And- really- I encourage you to give people especially knitters)  a chance- you just might like them if you get to know them!

a blur of a dayEdited to add- I told yuou we were playing hookie- hookie involves- jumping on the bed, A Candy party and (for mom) a trip to the yarn shop;)

We bought a ridiculous amount of candy (which is now gone) including white chocolate with ANTS in it.  The older boys dared me to eat one.  So I did. (gotta score points where I can) I’ll just say this- it didn’t taste like chicken;)  

Later this evening after Dh finished work- we went to the mall for dinner- and Noah visited Build a Bear Workshop. He is now the proud “bearent” of a Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey playing Penguin.

PS- please don’t tell my mom we were jumping on the bed- I may end up grounded…..;)