Once in a while the stars align and everything hits the fan at once.  This is one of those days.  My oldest son had to have emergency oral surgery this morning, and the yougest is having some dental work done as I type.  (I’m a big wuss- Daddy does dental duty) At the moment- there is a giant whiskered chipmunk on the couch next to me.. playing video games to distract himself from the pain.  ( he says he likes laughing gas, btw;)

Now, I’m waiting to hear how the youngest does.  He was excited to go to the dentist.. but I’m anticipating that he’ll be over the excitement by the time he gets home. 

I’d appreciate prayers for my guys….(and their wuss-mom) I hate not being able to “kiss the boo-boo and make it better” Truth is- sometimes the best you can do- is be there with them in the pain.  And while I’m not at the dentist with them- I sure am here when the numbness wears off….

This is what I’m doing for distraction…tuscany

It’s the “Tuscany Shawl” from “No Sheep For You” By Amy SInger- Can’t tell you how many I saw at the Knitters Frolic- much more beautiful in person!  A “must make” in my book;)

more when we recover- ts