rainy mother daySorry I’ve not updated- I swear- we’re still (for the most part) on the slow food wagon;) So much so- that my bread machine croaked!  (I’ll remedy that soon enough- for now- it’s whole wheat the old fashioned way.  Just a note- bread dough under fingernails- as bad a s dirt- just saying.)

I’m now officially on a mission.  I WILL conquer Mozzarella.  However- thus far? Mozzarella is kicking mah bootay. 3 batches on 3 different days- various ingredients and I keep ending up with squeaky ricotta. I just cannot get the curds to smooth out!  If anyone has any input- I’d appreciate it- before I drown in whey.

Monday- we had whole wheat pasta primavera- sauteed veggies (fresh tomatoes, zucchini, onion, mushrooms) olive oil and garlic, topped it off with a bit of parmesan.  Next time, I need to double the veggie amount- (but since I didn’t measure… I’ll just make more) and probably add a bit of tomato sauce, but it went over fairly well. ( However the kids keep calling me a “food hippie” and asking if I’m going to “grow my own”… yes- they think they are hilarious. )

Tuesday, I used a batch of bread dough to make a nice calzone- type treat.  I used a batch of “fozzerella” (messed up mozzerella)  and some pesto— rolled it up in the dough with a bit of olive oil and baked.. served it up with a salad and fresh sliced tomatoes with sea salt and cracked pepper… I’ll try this one again- but will add black olives and sundried tomatoes;)

Yesterday- we cheated.  Pizza- ordered in.  oopsy. The little guys begged- I caved- what can I say?

Tonight- grilled pork chops- and veggies galore;)

Everyone is pretty much healed up from the dental day of oral surgery doom… and we’re busy playing catch up (school- house etc).

I’m knitting away- finished a loverly Tuscany Shawl- and cast on a “Shetland Triangle” Also working on An “Orange Smoothie” from More big Girl Knits… in Hempathy– again- the boys think thats HILARIOUS.. hemp giggle. teenagers. sheesh.







I was lucky enough to win a fantastic prize from Sheri at the Loopy Ewe

A Spring Fling Swag Bag!

WOW! Sheri is the best- Loopy Ewe is the best Online store ever.

loopy ewe goodies

In the bag is Wollmeise in a limited edition colorway… a loopy ewe mug- beautiful patterns  yarn samples and body treats…wow.  Just WOW!


for all your yarny needs;)

More later- i’m off to the grocery- in search of fresh foods—-to convert to slow meals…. ;)

And maybe to oogle a new bread machine……  ;)