“Did you forget to flush?” I asked the culprit, without a doubt that he was, in fact guilty.

“What color was it?” He asked slyly avoiding the question.

“Ummm brown” I replied- parrying his dodge.

“Was it lumpy, or smooth????” He asked- evasive, once again.

“Both.” I answered- readying myself for the next blow.

“It was probly Keeb* “  Was his answer.  *keeb aka: the cat

“The cat does not use the toilet and you have toilet paper hanging out of your pants. Please , flush next time!” I shouted, exasperated by his attempt at “tefloning” and pointing the blame at an innocent kitteh.

“I can’t” He replied.

“Why?” I ask- afraid of the answer.

“Cause I want my brothers to see it.. it was HUGE” He says, eyes the size of saucers with pride and awe.

Parenting- the stuff they DO NOT tell you in books.  But, I will, in mine;) 

I shall refrain from a picture today… the word picture here should tide you over;)

PS- this morning I was the mom of 2 highschoolers and a kindergartner- now I have a college kid.  *sigh*  grief and joy– I have it:)