weekender offhand designs surprise bag  I was surprised to find a rather large box on my front porch yesterday….. Now- I have been guilty of forgetting when I’ve ordered something on ocassion… but not recently, that’s for sure.  I’ve been working towards a few financial goals that involve focus:) There have been no “forgotten orders…” only purposeful purchasing;) So, I was quite surprised to find that box.

I opened it immediately.  Inside, I found…… the most amazing Offhand Designs Weekender Bag!   One I’ve been oogling (ok maybe possibly coveting…) and talking about for weeks.  And, one that was not in my budget to buy. 

Tucked inside, was the sweetest note.  This wasn’t an “accidental purchase” or a forgotten order…. this was a gift for me!  I am WAY overwhelmed. 

I belong to “The Loopy Groupy”   Ravelry group,  it’s become a pretty amazing community. There is encouragment, silliness and help of both the knitterly and other types available ther 24/7. :)

I know of countless acts of kindness that have taken place over there.  Small things- big things.. all of which are – loving things.   The group is centered around the best online shop ever- “The Loopy Ewe”.  The Owner- Sheri- is amazing- her customer service and personal touch- cannot be beat, Sheri sets the bar for both!

This bag, was a gift from someone over there. It was sent anonymously.  I am still shocked and in awe. I’ve been talking about this beautiful bag over there for a while… I’ve put it in my loopy shopping cart and taken it out countless times…. I’ve been plotting and scheming for how or when I could justify this bag as a treat…. in between cleaning house– Ive been peeking at it online…. basically torturing myself with it’s beauty. (I know this is not right… but if nothing else- I’m honest!)  Thursday- I popped over to do another virtual visit with my dream bag…. and it was SOLD.  OUT OF STOCK.

I greived. (well- ok.. I whined) I posted about my “loss” on the group.  I was encouraged, comforted, reminded that Sheri likes to keep the shop well- stocked. ;)  I felt a moment of torture when I visited Sheri’s blog- to find that she’d posted about the very same bag in a different color on Friday….so, I asked Sheri- via comment- if she’d PLEASE re-stock the beautiful bag… cause *sniff* I really wanted one…..someday.  

Sheri quickly emailed back (she always does) … that she would be.. and, that I could order then, if I still needed/wanted one, when they came back in.  I admit the “if I still needed/wanted one” part,  struck me as a slightly strange reply…. But, I blew it off as cute sarcastic humor  from my favorite shop owner.  (IF I still wanted one?? I’ve been thinking about it for weeks… of course I would still want it!  And- as for needing it??? Well- who really NEEDS a beautiful knitting bag?….. it’s more about the treat than the need- but I digress…;) 

And then- the unexpected package- showed up at my door!  Sheri had already shipped my gift- before I’d ever asked if she was planning on restocking!  I just don’t know what to say… I am truly amazed that someone would anonymously do something like this for me! 

I have moved into my beautiful new bag…. and I will use it everyday… being beautifully reminded of the kindness of strangers…..I know the internets can be a scary place- and all is not happy- happy joy- joy…. but- there really are wonderful- kind people out there… you just have to find them.  On Ravelry- and especially in the Loopy Ewe Group- I have.

All I can say- is: Thank you. So much.

Also: Cookies will be muchly baked and shipped!  (I’ve been sending cookies to the group members at will:) Cause If I send them to EVERYONE…then (hopefully) the anonymous gifter will be included;)

PS- This is just a bit more evidence that knitters really ARE some of the bestest people!