We’re still (for the most part) on track with out healthier eating plan.  Yesterday was farm market day- and let’s just say— the goodies are really starting to come in!

We bought- spectacular fresh raspberries, fresh leeks, red skin potatoes, eggs, zucchini, summer squash, garlic, green beans organic salad mix and cucumbers.

Yesterday we had stuffed lamb and brown rice stuffed zucchini, tomato sauce and fresh salad.  Dessert was simple lightly sweetened raspberries with a bit of whipped cream.

For lunch today- I took dalaimama’s (a ravelry pal) advice and made a wonderful new recipe- zucchini rosti;)  

Zucchini Rosti- ala- extreme adventures;)

3 small fresh zucchini- washed trimmed and grated

salt, pepper

A couple of table spoons diced onion

a clove of minced garlic

a teaspoon of pesto (optional)

1 fresh egg

a bit of butter for the pan.


wash trim and grate zucchini- sprinkle with salt, mix and set aside to drain extra liquid

after a few minutes- press zucchini in a colander to remove additional extra liquid. 

Mix grated zucchini, onion, pepper, pesto together in a bowl-

heat (to medium- medium high) a non-stick fry pan and add  butter- scoop zucchini mixture into hot pan as if making pancakes. Press with flat spatula to help the zucchini stick together as a cake.  When lightly crusted and tender- flip- as second side browns- create a small divot int he pancake- break egg into the divot.  allow to steam- you may flip again if you prefer firm eggs.

serve hot with fresh bread- a great lunch- or brunch item- also- minus the egg- a terrific side dish- maybe with pasta and sauce:)

A great way to use up those zucchini!

Tonight- I’m making fresh leek and potato soup.:) Yum.