Pant, pant,  blooooow.

Pant,  pant,  blooooow.

Breathe, Tracey, Breathe.

Yeah, I know-lame.   But, it’s all I remember from my Lamaze classes… and I was desperate!  I was in the car…. and things were moving fast…. and getting bumpy…and slightly painful.   I had to think fast!

No- I wasn’t in labor, maybe in emotional turmoil, but, not physical pain.  Because- my kid, was DRIVING.  It wasn’t his driving, that was really the problem. It was me.  Sure, he cut a turn a bit too tight and made an interesting trench in the grass in front of CVS… But really- haven’t we all done that once or twice?  (DOn’t answer that.)

No- the problem was me.  Every parent feels like this at some point.  It could be when they are driving- or choosing their major, or career or lifepath or mate… the feeling of having NO CONTROL.  It is almost painful, scary and yet- watching your kid stretch and achieve and grow and learn requires it. 

How can they learn to be in control of themselves and their lives— if they never get the chance to practice?

Here’s the key for me—- see the truth is- I have never, really, been in control (shhh I know don’t tell my kids) … Really?  It’s been God all along.

And you know what? Cheesy sounding,  or not- I trust His driving skillz:)

Also- for future reference-  knitting in the car while your kid drives is as helpful as Lamaze— JUST enough distraction so you don’t obsess and over react to everything…. but not so that you are watching. :)

Here’s a perfect beautiful relaxing knit to take with you:)

The Isobel Pattern from Cidermoon

Bellamoden Yarns superwash Sport in “Nori” Colorway (Artists proof – 1/4 sedimentary)  Rebecca at Bellamoden yarns has an amazing sense of color and incredible dye-pot skills!  (I saw some in her Etsy shop- if you hurry it could still be there…)

Ok- so maybe NOT knititng in the car while the kiddo drives with the incredible Signature Needles I’m knitting this on.  ‘Cause metal needles + stiletto tips (how could I NOT love needles with stilettos?) + airbag would probably be very BAD….But- outside of driving practice…they are spectacular to knit with:) Fast- not too slippery, easy to knit lace— and pretty to boot;) I’ll be ordering more of these, in other sizes.  They are well worth the price- and the shipping was FAST. I was amazed!

For the record- these are US size 5- 10″ long with stilletto tips:)