A movement in the rear view mirror caught my eye. The driver behind me at the stoplight was bobbing her head, to music I couldn’t hear. I smiled to myself. I’ve been known to traffic dance too:) I turned to peek- and saw that not only was the driver bobbing and traffic dancing, but the passenger was too. Beautiful, full smiles graced their faces….the passenger’s hands were dancing, I could almost hear them laughing.

That’s when I noticed the deep colored, headscarf. One of my neighbors was out for a drive with her daughter. As always- she was beautifully clad in one of her many headscarves. It made me smile. First, because I love the diversity of where I live- and second? Because I know full well- that this woman was enjoying something special. Where she is originally from- she would not be driving or leaving her home without a male escort- this silly, mother – daughter moment in the car- would have been lost.

She caught me peeking. I smiled. She smiled back. Mom-to-Mom- we connected. A tiny nod said “Yep- I love my kid, too- been there, enjoy”. I am glad my neighbor is here. I’m glad she has found a place to both worship freely and live freely.

I am also glad that I can- even though, *by some*- we could be perceived as polar opposites- even- enemies of each others faith. I’m glad there are still places where this is true. I’m glad we both live where we can speak freely and live fully and disagree respectfully- by choice. I hope that you, can too.