Funnel cakes with powdered sugar just melting into the still hot grease.  Giant warm elephant ears: crispy cinnamon goodness.  Hot dogs- the fresh buns perfectly steamed with condiments dripping from each end. French fries, crispy, hot and salted.  An entire rainbow of cotton candy, freshly spun like silk.  Sweetly salty and spicy cinnamon roasted almonds in a paper cone to warm my hands.. the scents and flavors made my head swim.  My mouth watered wanting some of everything. Who was I to argue?

Since I, “don’t do, rides.” I spent most of my time wandering around- tasting a bite of this and a bite of that. Even at the rate of a bite here and there-it didn’t take long for my stomach to rebel.  I started to feel full.. then  overfull.. then just plain sick.  I wanted to put on my comfy sweats and lie down right there in the middle of the carnival.  (I do enough to humiliate my kids in public merely by existing… I doubted this would be acceptable.)  Instead, I suffered through. I chided myself “Never again.. I will never again eat so much junk that I feel like this”… even while saying it-I knew it  wasn’t true.

I went home- skipped “dinner” (who needs dinner when you’re full to the gills with junk food?) and went to bed.  The next day I felt better- albeit groggy from the sugar, salt and grease hang-over.  “Never again” I again resolved.  But when I tried to decide what I wanted to eat that day..” funnel cakes “were all I could think of.  After a nights recovery- even my stomach seemed to agree.  Besides— funnel cakes with fruit could be a breakfast item.. for sure.

Funny how a little, turns into a lot, turns into too much, turns into: SICK.   Is it just fair -style junk food that does this?  Not for me… for me it’s sometimes an enthralling fiction.. not trashy but maybe just edgy enough to keep me from being interested in “eating” something better for my brain.  Or magazines full of pretty clothes and recipes and diets that make me feel hungry and fat at the same time… or TV shows that hook me in- even though you know they are an HD version of funnel cakes for your brain….

A few bites here and there are probably ok… but if that’s what I’m feasting on… all day long.. a bite of this and snack of that.. I end up as sick as if I’d had funnel cakes breakfast lunch and dinner.  My perceptions become distended like my over-full tummy.  I feel less satisfied with my life and my looks….I feel sick.

Today- I’m not feasting on junk-food.. not of the greasy, salty, sweet fair food-type or the junk food for the brain type… how bout you????

I think I’ll try something a little more healthy.

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

MOPS International Convention is coming up in just days now… I’m prayerfully getting ready for the adventure that awaits me….. how bout you????