Shoes- Check. (Let’s hope I did better than last year in this arena)

Black pants Check (after 6 days of searching every store in Michigan for pants that don’t make me look like a buffalo in drag from behind..)  (well thats only kind of a CHECK…I finally gave up looking in the three-way mirrors.. funny how little I mind my backside if I don’t LOOK at it…)
527 tops of which, I will wear exactly: 5.  Check (I never know what I’ll FEEL like wearing- so I need to bring options.. I need to wear my purple MOPS Polo when “on duty” so the actual times for wearing my “options” will be minimal…)

Laptop and enough electronic cords, chargers and devices to power a third world country- Check. (a girl’s got to stay connected for pete’s sake.)

Knitting that I know I will have no time to work on- check. (ok- so MAYBE on the plane…)

Name tag- Check (For once I didn’t even have to look for it.. someone told me to keep it on the fridge with the magnetic backing- works like a charm!)

Breakfast bars and instant coffee (gross- I know) in case of dire caffeine and calorie emergency- check. (I might pick up some chocolate covered espresso beans to replace the instant coffee– starbucks has them- the calories would be worth the taste and caffeine:)

Shemergency kit cause it should have everything I may have forgotten- Check.

My To Do list is shrinking – and my excitement is growing … I wonder what it will be like?  I wonder what God will say to my heart while I’m there?  I wonder what weird things my hair will do in the Dallas heat?  I wonder how much laundry will accumulate in my 5 day absense?  I wonder how my 4 guys will survive on Banquet Chicken and Velveeta Shells and cheese, and pizza carry-out?  I’m about to find out all the answers in T-minus 20 hours…  the final countdown has begun!

BIG NEWS!  I’ve been asked to “live blog”  from the convention- so if you want to know the scoop and see what MOPS convention is really like- make sure and watch the MOPS International Convention Blog for updates!

Dear Lord- I pray that you’d prepare my heart and the hearts of the thousands of Moms who are preparing to come and be refreshed and challenged at MOPS Convention- I pray that you’d be with the MOPS Leadership team- the speakers and families– Most of all- I pray we see you in everything at convention- I love you lord- amen.