Bad things happen when I’m in a rush. I KNOW this. I should have learned from a series of rush- induced incidents I’ve already endured. (The great brownie wound of Christmas, 2004 was a classic and painful lesson) Apparently, I haven’t quite caught on. Because yesterday I learned it anew.

I’d been packing and cleaning and emailing, printing and prepping all day to leave for MOPS Convention.….  I looked at the clock I realized, that if I didn’t get dressed immediately- I’d be driving the college boy to class in my jammies.. since his class starts at 6:00 p.m. That wasn’t an option I (Nor he-) wanted to take.

I ran upstairs, tore off my jammies and grabbed a bra- it’s a crazy, criss-cross backed bionic model (obviously designed by a man) –  I have to put my head through it, then wiggle around until I get it on right.. finally fastening it in the back. (A feat of circus performer talent.) I admit- It’s a bit too much for “in a rush dressing” but, it was the only one I could find. (On my bedroom floor- hmmm I better clean that up before I leave- who am I kidding?  if i clean it up it will get dirty before I come home- I’ll leave it.) Again: I should have known better. Mid- wiggle- I heard what could be described as a whip-cracking sound and then felt a sharp sting on my right cheek.

“Wha?” I grabbed my cheek- and checked for blood. Whew. None. I looked for sling-shot pellets meant for a raccoon. (My son The College Boy seems to believe it’s his job to rid the neighborhood of vermin) Nada. I looked around for a swarm of bees..attacking me in my underwear.. nothing. I looked for a rogue 6 year old with a bull whip (as a mom of boys- I check for anything) . Nope. It took me a full minute to realize I hadn’t been shot at or whipped or stung while standing in my underwear in my own bathroom. I suddenly noticed that one breast felt very– ummmmm “free”. That’s when I realized the bra strap had snapped,and had smacked me in the cheek.

So- I now have a nice little red (beauty?) mark on my right cheek.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to cover it with makeup.  Otherwise? I’ll just tell people I had a yoga accident.  (plausible if I actually DID yoga….but it’s easier to explain than an exploding bra) Oh- and no worries- I picked up a new, less than bionic and easier to put on bra for the trip— I’d hate to have another exploding bra incident at the airport or something…gives homeland security an whole new meaning…

Looks like this trip is gonna be an ADVENTURE!

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PS- yeah- no pics to go with this’s NOT that kind of blog:P