A day at the Apple Orchard… still warm donuts, sticky crunchy-crisp caramel apples.. cold cider.. yum.

But now?  Play time is over, and so is denial.  Our friends daughter is getting married this weekend.. so I’m off to get a few decorations and things… I’ve been busily enjoying my denial that she could possibly be getting married.. but I’m out of time to continue.

I have no clue where the years have flown… she was just a lil bugger YESTERDAY.. I swear!  But now?  A grown woman..

I think I’ll pick up what I need too- then will distract myself with feeling fat trying to find something to wear.. shh.. I know it won’t work- just humor me, k?

Edited to add:  BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  Click here to see an article published on the MOPS website (click the title “JUMP”)– written by ME!