: to examine in order to suppress or delete anything considered objectionable , censor the news; also : to suppress or delete as objectionable , censor out indecent passages


I complained when the big, flat box arrived.  It was a blazing red, white and blue statement of our political perspective.  FOR THE YARD.  I did not like it.  I find political yard signs a waste of space and materials.  Not, my thing.   I mean- really- does anyone ever drive by  a yard sign and say:  “Wow, you know, now that I see that sign,  I’m changing my vote.” ?   I doubt it. 

After it’s arrival, there was a  “discussion”  between hubby and I.  He felt passionate about it, and I felt, for the most part, apathetic.   The sign would be at most, pointless, so it wasn’t worth arguing about.  The sign went up.  I ignored it.

And that, was that. :)

At least it was, until this afternoon, when the sign disappeared.  When we arrived home from the pumpkin local patch, the metal stand was half torn from the lawn and the cardboard sign, was gone.  The wind whistled through the bare metal frame.  We looked up and down the cul-de-sac..  in case it happed to blow off the stand.  Nothing.  The frame half pulled from the ground?  It had to have been removed,  purposefully.

I was surprised by my reaction.  I should have been relieved to be rid of the eyesore.  I wasn’t.  I was infuriated.  There was a slight feeling of invasion, but mostly a feeling of outrage.  Regardless of what my political views are, I have a right to state them respectfully and publically.  Freedom of speech is a basic value held by all Americans.  However- today, someone came onto my property and censored (deleted) our political statement.  

I’ve been edited before- and told to shut up, (mostly because I talk too much and too often as well as too fast) but, I don’t remember ever actually being censored.  It’s not something I want to experience again. It feels threatening.  It feels slightly intimidating, but for the most part?  It feels invalidating and like a challenge to my basic rights.

 I have three choices at this point. 

1) I can involve the police (Why bother?  They have much more important things to do than track down my $7.00 lawn sign)

2) I can rent a billboard or other obnoxious sign in retaliation…..(tempting- but again a waste)

3) I can let it go.  But, remember how this feels- so that I am not tempted to censor others, when I disagree with their perspective.

I think I’ll choose number 3.  (Although getting another sign and putting it on display from INSIDE the front room window- is tempting. )

So-I’m curious, what do you think about political signs on private property.. and what do you think about the stealing and or vandalism of those signs?

Should there be rules and limits about signs?  Should there be prosecution for sign stealing? 


For the record- I Cannot WAIT for this election to be OVER.  The longer it drags on.. the nastier it’s getting….the venom seems to be spreading from the campaigns to the country..not exactly something we needed.

Voters are being falsely registered, (and maybe votes counted for false registrations) allegations that are both ridiculous and astounding made by and about both sides…apparently property being destroyed and stolen across the US… doesn’t integrity mean anything anymore?

Is your integrity worth a quota?  Another vote for your candidate? A yard sign?  Mine- is not.  I’ts much more valuable than that.