I could almost hear the “CLANG” of a prison door closing as I struggled to pull the blanket over my shoulders.  I had to push the cell-mate’s bulk from the top of the covers in order to accomplish this goal.  My cellmate growled in response. 

Throughout the long night more and more cellmates joined us.  Overcrowded doesn’t begin to describe iyt.  One snored, like a chainsaw.  One who slept much like Chuck Norris practicing for a new role…. “HI-YA!  Ka-chop! Roundhouse kick to the head!”

Bedtime is feeling more and more like a dangerous over-crowded prison. (Why am I usually the one kicked in the face or awaking to dog breath?)  Eventually- I just give up and sleep at the other end of the bed (feet take up less space than heads and bodys…) or, I go down to the couch.  I am not sure how this has happened- but every night- a giant beagle and a 6 year old at some point wander in.  As soon as they do- the queen sized bed- turns into a cramped prison cell.

I am almost  considering adding razor wire or at least a night watchman to the decorating scheme! 

I’m using a marble jar for a reward system for the 6 year old- We’ll see how that works.  So far?  He’s willing to give up  “a mable in the jar” for  a roundhouse kick to mom’s head.  The beagle could be crated… but who can sleep to beagle crying?   I could just buy a bigger bed… I’m so tired- that a bigger bed sounds easier!