It wasn’t a platform of plastic greek columns that won President -Elect Obama the election.  It was an invisible, yet palpable, platform of hope.  It was as if his words struck the country and the country resonated like a tuning fork in the tune of HOPE.  Hope for a future of peace and unity.  Hope for a future of equality and hope that we can be the change we need. I found the resonance both exciting and disturbing. Exciting because I beleive an ignited hope is what we so desperatley need- disturbed because I don’t believe our hope has to be dependant on political leadership or elections.

Hope- is not a political ideation.  Hope is not a party platform.  Hope is not an emotion- dependant on a chemical cocktail awash in the brain.  It is so much more.  Hope is a virtue and a gift.   Hope is oxygen for the heart.  It gives us courage to take the risks that make the world a different place.  I agree that hope is what our country needs.  I just believe it comes from a different place.

I found this article about Hope by John Piper-I found it interesting and inspiring… it’s a biblical understanding of hope- which is a kind of hope I carry with me- regardless of who is in office.

As I pray for our President elect Obama and for his  leadership.. I also pray that the longing for hope would be satisfied. I pray that a deeply rooted, and true hope would take root in our country- one that is independant of men and politics – I pray that hope that would grow.