Which means: 

1) My dining room looks like Target, Amazon and Walmart, threw up in there. (No worries- the big box vomit will not ruin anyone’s appetite in there.. no one has actually EATEN in there in MONTHS)

2) “Fresh” (or not so fresh) pine garland is dropping 10x it’s weight in pine needles on the foyer floor EACH DAY.  (Who’s idea WAS hanging that stuff?  Oh right, mine. OOPSY. DYSON to the rescue!)

3) There are gifts hidden in this house that will not be found until the 4th of July, ACCIDENTLY. (I KNOW I put some stocking stuffers SOMEWHERE…I just don’t know WHERE!)

4) The cat is overwhelmed by his options of sleeping places.  BOXES.  UNDER THE TREE. and UNDER BOXES.  Are the current top three.

5) An obscene amount of butter is in my refrigerator. (cookies ahoy! )

6)My Excel Spreadsheet of gifts has pretty red and green columns for” bought” and “wrapped” There should be a column that says “where”.

7) I am feverishly knitting ANOTHER “We call him Spidey hat” Apparently it is now a TRADITION for the youngest to get one EVERY YEAR.  Eyesearing red blue and black acrylic are NOT exactly pleasurable knitting. 

8) I feel guilty about not sending Christmas cards.. but not QUITE guilty enough to do something about it. (Yet.)

9) The UPS truck now stops in front of my house, out of HABIT.  (Gotta love Amazon.com and ETSY for Christmas shopping!  Amazon Prime= FREE 2 day shipping!  I should bake him cookies.)

10) “Going Green” is no longer an option… unless you mean the cheese in the ‘fridge.. cause PEOPLE.  I HAVE TO WRAP! (but I did find these CUTE Green options for wrapping! )

Overuse of CAPS LOCK is understandable by all.. because WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

More soon- including pics!

In the comments- I’d love to hear how YOU know it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…….