The heat slowly crept up and then back down, the thermometer.  A fine white powder fell to cover everything in sight.  The roar of the motor filled her ears for so long- that she barely noticed it anymore.  Her heart raced. Time was running short, and she started to wonder, if she would make it.  Her arms and hands strained with effort.  Her back ached and legs cramped. The aroma of her toil filled the air.

In her heart, she was determined to persevere.  No heat or chill, no interruption or distraction would move her from her goal.  Task after painstaking task, was slowly and meticulously accomplished.  4 days and nights passed. A snow storm loomed on the horizon, complicating the mission.

Her family wondered if and when she’d return to them.  “Soon” was all she could promise. Likewise committed to her goal, they began to help when and where they could.  With their help, the work sped up.  Closer and closer to the goal, time seemed to compress. Hope grew in her weary heart. They just might make it after all.

Finally, together with her supportive husband she stood before the finish line… together they pushed the buttons that would mark the GOAL.

Together this family could do anything, yes, even manage to:



I may not win a million dollars for surviving and I may have eaten a dangerous (to my jean size) number of “taste tests”  But, I did it! ( You HAVE to try one from each batch – quality control is tantamount, and I may have baked a large number of batches…!) Last night I mailed out the first 16 boxes of cookie love to people I’ve met via the web and have crossed the “keyboard barrier” with.  (The keyboard barrier: where the line between URL and IRL lies. ) 

Why all the work?  Why the expense and sacrifice?  Because people matter to God and they matter to me.  Whether URL or IRL… people are meant to be loved.   Into those boxes, I tucked love and prayers for each one. I wish I could do more…  I’m praying that a few cookies a cup of hot tea and a little treat will communicate that each one is loved- not just by me… but by the God who made them and and brought them into my life.

The internet (the world for that matter) can be a cold, snarky place.  Or- it could be a place where care , compassion and encouragement are shared.  I choose to do whatever small things I can to help create the later…

For those wondering why the heck a busy mom/writer would be crazy enough to do something like this… all I can say in explanation is that I desire to follow the example of Jesus, and love the people God has created with much more care than a batch of cookies! 

Galatians 5:13-14
You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love. The entire law is summed up in a single command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Today- I’m serving love, baked in cookies:)