The winter blues have hit.  Between “life stuff” and weather “stuff” I’m feeling it.  If ” “IT” means: Cranky,moody, irritable, sad.  Probably also: cabin fevery. 
So- last night I recalled winter. 
I proclaimed a Mid-SUMMER NIGHT.  With a look of fear in his eyes (at least fear his mother had finally lost it) I made the college boy grill burgers IN THE SNOW.  We had corn on the cob with lots of butter.. chips, baked beans.  Hubby wore his UGLY Hawaian shirt- Noah and I wore shorts.. I put The Beach Boys on the ipod (speaker thing)…and we had POPSICLES for DESSERT. Then we watched a movie  complete with popcorn. (Summer=movies)
I suggested Noah go swimming in the bathtub (WITH his swimsuit) but that was vetoed in favor of seeing “Horton Hears a Who” that much SOONER.
We had fun- of course Winter disregarded my recall and is returning with a vengance today- we’re supposed to get up to 8″ of snow  tonight and tomorrow…
But no worries- I have a plan for sledding and cocoa.. sometimes you just gotta roll with it.
beating the winter blues..
beating the winter blues..

For those wondering if I’m still actually knitting.. the answer is YES.  It just happens to be a secret as to WHAT I’m knitting.. But I do believe I’ve settled on a lace pattern that looks like LEAKS that HAVE SPRUNG…in dark pipes.. or something…

Gee there might be a lil fundraiser of love in the works…. MIGHT BE.

Wanna see?

But a hint- the gorgeous yarn is bellamoden sport in “Black Tower” Available at the Loopy Ewe….it’s SPECTACULAR and sqoushy and pretty.. I’ve pre blocked a bit (but won’t show) and it’s working brilliantly with this pattern….

Hmm wonder what it could be??? I BET I KNOW….