smores party!

Since it’s negative a billion degrees- we are continuing our theme of winter denial. Last night after dinner everyone was both HOME and OFFLINE so we had a little indoor s’mores party.  Celebrating the everyday is something I love to do with my family:)

I just stocked up on various graham cracker options, every type of chocolate that sounded good and marshmallows.  I set it all out – let every one choose their crackers and top with a marshmallow- popped them under the broiler for JUST long enough (ok- so it took 2 tries – first round was a little TOO long marshmallows flambe’) then- let them top them with their preferred choclate and graham topper;)

Some of our favs:

chocolate grahams with dark chocolate dove bar squares

cinnamon grahams with hershey (of course)

choc grahams with ghiradelli white choc squares


Continuing the theme of warm and comforting.. here’s another sneak peek at the “carmen” corseted cowl pattern I’m working on….

I have to say: I LOVE IT!  It’s moved from idea, to swatch to now actual WIP… and it’s turning out JUST how I envisioned it!