dishes in the domino race

dishes in the domino race

30 days.  30 days of whining, complaining, struggling to have a right attitude and find a positive in a negative situation.  30 days of phone calls in vain and paper plates and carbon footprint guilt.  30 days of  escalating and asking for supervisors, to have them also read the same script in answer to our questions and frustrations. 30 days of wondering if we’d ever have a functioning dishwasher or if I, would end up taking it’s place, tucked neatly under the counter wearing my sassy gloves and mumbling about meditative vs annoying activities.   (Which would suck, as it’s really hard to knit and wash dishes at the same time.. FYI: It’s much easier to knit at stop lights,  than it is to knit between dirty glasses.)

For 30 days it has been like watching  one domino falling into the next placing blame and making excuses:  “We’re waiting on an approval from the provider, we’re waiting for the request from the repair facility, the part has been ordered, we need another part, we’re waiting on approval from the provider, we’re waiting on the request from the facility, the part has been ordered, the part is back ordered, we’re looking for a part, the contact says within a reasonable amount of time, we don’t expedite part orders, the contract says within a reasonable amount of time, the part has been ordered…” Every person we talked to had a different variance on the same theme.  Not one, gave a real answer or offered us a solution.  Like dominos they just fell into the lines of the customer service script they seemed to be reading from.

And then? Along came “Q”.

“Q” is a manager at the local Lowes where we bought the deceased dishwasher. We called him Tuesday evening for the first time.  “Q” listened to what was going on. “Q” understood that this was a ridiculous amount of time to wait for a repair.  He called the people we’ve been dealing with. He also, got nowhere.

We followed up with “Q” On Wednesday to say we’d still gotten nowhere.  10 minutes later he called back and said something profound: “I made a decision, we’ll take care of this for you.”  The hallelujah chorus sounded in my ears…FINALLY!  There was no scripted answer being read back to me.  He acknowledged how crazy this situation was, and then?  HE DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT.   

 I cried. FINALLY.  Someone who wasn’t just lockstepping like a well trained dishwasher nazi.  Someone who thought and acted based on what they thought was right to do.  While I understand that each person in this domino chain has had their own limitations and responsibilities..  there was something resonant about finally meeting someone who took action and thought about what the right thing to do was.

“Q” refused to be another domino, falling  with blame and excuses,  knocking us into the next domino in our crazy chain.  “Q” stopped the dominoes altogether. He made a difference. Sure.. it’s a DISHWASHER, I get that it’s a luxury.. I get that no ones life was at stake..I get that not everyone has a dishwasher..I have no Constitutional Right to a dishwasher.  I am not entitled to a dishwasher… But: I HAD ONE.  AND IT DIED.. I paid for an extended warranty.. that should have made a problem with my dishwasher simple to solve, instead it complicated it. That was wrong.  I may not matter in the scope of world history, but it mattered to me. 

Maybe  “Q” was different.  Maybe he made a choice,  or maybe he was finally a person who had the power and discretion necessary to make the choice. All I know is this:  If I’m ever in a situation where one domino is falling into another placing blame, making excuses etc.  I WANT TO BE A “Q”.  I want to make a difference.  I want to take just one step out of the line and end it, to help. Because it matters. Caring for people always does.

In my opinion?  “Q” was a good samaritan…something I hope to be, too…what about you?