“BEEEEEP”  I heard the tiny, familiar, electronic beep long before I ever saw my boy. 

He came running into the livingroom and did his best “cartwheel.” “I’m normal! Mommy!  I’m normal!  I don’t have a fever!”  He turned another cartwheel (more like a sideways-roll- actually) as proof, and shouted with glee.  (More accurate evidence of his feeling better- was later- when he announced the temperature of his navel to be- 96.4.  Getting in trouble for playing with the thermometer- is a pretty good indicator of his feeling better.) I felt like shouting too- we jumped up and down together.  “WE MADE IT!  You’re BETTER!”

Its been a long week.  One filled with whispered prayers and worries.  A week of thermometer readings, medicine doses, asking advice and puke-pot cleanings.  Its been the kind of week that makes me wish I had a ther-MOM-eter to let me know I’m ok,  because sometimes being a mom makes me feel crazy, worried and insecure.  

But, we made it!  He’s better! We survived.  I survived.  The carpet is almost clean. (Does any kid hit the puke pot EVERY time?  Mine- does not.) 

The thermometer is back into the normal range.  (for the most part)

Do you ever feel like that?