I am a compassionate conservative. I care about and help to support the poor- the hungry and the orphaned. I protested today- to maintain my right to choose where to invest my charitable giving.

Every additional dollar I am taxed, is a dollar less that goes to proven and reputable charities like: Heifer International, Doctors without Borders, World Vision, Compassion International and MOPS International. That is in addition to local charities and individuals that my family helps.  I don’t just invest dollars, but time, talents and love to these charities.
I believe we can change the world by doing just that- CHANGING the WORLD. Not by paying the government to change it.

I am a supporter of local and small businesses.  I shop at local farm markets and local shops.  I purposefully do so on a daily basis, to help build a sustainable economy.  Today- I protested against taxing these small businesses into oblivion.   To lose our small businesses  would further cripple our unstable economy and put even more people out of work.


Capitalism isn’t always about selfishness-  it’s about having the right to choose where and how to invest our own hard earned money. I invest in people, because I care. It’s about the freedom to choose. 


I want to give cheerfully- not legislatively.


And now- back to the blogs regular antics. :P