The Noticer Project website

The Noticer Project website

I’ve been  bombarded with busyness and bad news lately.  Everywhere I turn, there seems to be another sad announcement or another friend in trouble or hurting.  It’s overwhelming.

In Michigan, and in so many other places- the automotive struggles, shut downs and lay-offs are not just todays news and statistics- it’s people, people I know and care about.  Here, it’s about family and friends and as my husband specializes in the application of software in the automotive and manufacturing industry, it affects us, as well.   When you add the normal life crisis’ we all face and combine it with the constant Swine Flu outbreak updates, it’s been hard to maintain perspective.  I keep getting caught up in fear and missing what I already have.. like the people who have and do make such a difference in my life, including each of you.

 In “The Noticer,” Andy Andrews uses his incredible storytelling skill to draw us into the story of “Jones,” a self described “Noticer.”  Someone who helps people notice things others miss, to gain new perspective.  It arrived was just in time and contained just what I needed, PERSPECTIVE.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy,  it just might be what you need right now, too!  The Noticer is available at Andy Andrews website, on Amazon  as audio, Kindle and hardcover editions.  It’s also available via ITunes as an audio book. The audio is well produced and well read.

 I recieved my copy as a review copy from the publisher- I enjoyed it so much I’ve already purchased the audio version as well!  Be a Noticer! Today!