sick Bella

The good: Bella had been adjusting to our family well. The bad- yesterday afternoon she became very ill. Over the course of the day, she stopped eating- came lethargic and got diahrrea. We took her to the vet who recommended the emergency room for overnight care, because her blood sugar levels were dropping and she was in danger. She also had a low white blood count which suggested a more dangerous possibility of Parvo. 

The good news is, she has Giardia, and possibly an additional virus, but not likely Parvo, as her blood counts are improving. She is still not eating, but back at the regular vet on an IV and improving.

Prayers appreciated for our new pooch.

We were conflicted about purchasing from a petstore (Petland, in Novi Michigan) as we know there are risks involved. We researched their business practices and asked about breeder information. And yet, without knowing, we adopted a very sick pup.

Bellas glucose levels were dangerously low last night but are now improving with IV. She also is being treated for the Giardia. Fortunately, when we spoke to Petland tis afternoon, they agreed to pay for half of the emergency care bill and all of the regular vet bill to assure Bellas health. This is above and beyond their normal warranty/ purchase contract, and we are glad they have stepped up.

Hopefully, Bella will be well enough to come home soon, (please pray her counts continue improving and she starts to eat) and we can resume our training and adjusting to our new pet.

it’s amazing how attached you can become in a short amount of time! Humans are wired to care for God’s creation, and to love, this I am sure of.
But we are even more wired to love God and other human’s which I value even
more than our precious pets:)

It has been encouraging to see how tender my he man guys have been in regards to Bella’s sickness, and our shared times of prayer have been precious, as always:) I’ve also been touched by their tenderness towards me and understanding my wiring as a mom and animal lover… I have a pretty amazing family.. :)

In happier news- my college boy passed his road test yesterday and is now a legal driver! Today he picked up Wendy’s for he and Noah.. something they have been colluding about for quite a while:)

Will update soon- hopefully with even more happy news! hugs your pets and family.. I’m hugging mine extra tight today:) even as am letting go at the same time…:)