Bella has been slowly progressing:) She spent Thurs – Saturday in 2 different animal hospitals. Yesterday, we met with the vet and had a hard decision to make. She had not yet eaten anything on her own, and was on an IV.  The vet office was closing for the weekend.

We could either :
a) transfer her back to the emergency clinic until she improved enough to come home.
b) bring her home and try to get her to keep something down, hoping that being home may help her improve faster, knowing that we were risking a run to the emergency room at any point.

we opted to try to bring her home and make her comfortable.

Well- as comfortable as a pooch can be with a syringe of food being squirted into her mouth every few hours.

Suffice to say, the first force feed went poorly and she threw up. We were convinced that Bella was headed back to the ER. We called both the Petland owner and the vet to keep them posted.

We waited a while before trying again, and then gave her a dose of raglan syrup before trying. After the raglan, she showed a bit of interest in her cheese treats. We crushed a couple up and she took a few bites. You’d have thought the Red Wings won the Cup with all the cheering over those first few bites.

Bella continued to drink water last night and have a few bites of cheese treats supplemented with “puppy boost” to make sure her blood sugar didn’t drop too low. (Yorkies and other small breeds are prone to hypoglycemia)

This morning, she ate several more cheese treats and then finally, this afternoon she ate actual food!  What you didn’t hear the Hallelujah chorus?  We sure did. 

It’s been a long and scary road with the little pooch. We thought she wasn’t going to make it.  But now it looks like she’s on the mend.

Sadly, we’ve been investigating the breeder, and it there are some indicators that Bella may have been from more of a mill than a family type breeder. Bella was first sold to a broker and then the petshop. When we contacted the breeder, she was defensive and refused to send pictures of the dame and sire. There are a few complaints filed against her, but her USDA inspections have shown compliance.

It’s possible that Bella’s illness could be a fluke, a normal puppy risk gone very bad, or it could be a typical puppy mill experience.  We may never know.  But we’ll be investigating what we can, to try and help other families that go through what we’ve been through this week.  What we’ve been through is a nightmare.

The decision to add another pet to our family was long discussed and we visited several before finding the right chemistry.
Bella was the one. So, we visited several times before adopting her.  While she was living at Petland, Bella seemed both happy and healthy and responded well to her caregivers there.

The Petland owner has covered all of Bella’s vet care (under their puppy warranty) while she’s been at their recommended vet and half of the emergency care bill. Fortunately her illness hasn’t been compounded by a huge vet bill for us.  However, it certainly has been a sad, frightening way to bring a new puppy into our family. Countless sleepless hours worrying and driving back and forth for visits and transfers and discussions.  Many of those car trips I spent trying to cry it all out before I got home to the boys.   

So now.. there is  question…Would I do it again? well…thats a question I can’t really answer, I’m glad we have her and were able to give her the care she needed. If we didn’t walk into Petland and fall in love with her.. I don’t know how or where she’d be today. On the other hand.. had we not?  We would not have been through all we have.




Bella at the vet and Bella starting to feel well enough to attack the laundry:) Yeah, we like her:)my new laundry helper