all we wanted was to add a healthy pet to our family. What we got has been a mixed bag of heartache, fear and love

I should have known better. I asked the question while we were visiting at the store: “You don’t use puppy mills, right?”   “I wouldn’t work at a place that gets puppies from puppy mills” was the pet counselors confident answer.  She believed what she was saying, but sadly, it looks like she didn’t know the truth.

After a lot of discussion, research and consideration, we’ve decided to file complaints against Petland and the breeder involved in Bella’s purchase.  The broker information is not documented, or the broker would have also been added to the complaints.   Complaints have been filed with the BBB, USDA, Attorney General’s of both Michigan and Iowa (Bella came from Iowa), Petland Corp. and HSUA.

This decision has been difficult.  I value people and their livelihood,  I respect the right to choose one’s line of business and to profit from it.  However- making a profit by misleading and harming others can’t be ignored, a business with a poor record of integrity is not to be encouraged, and supported, but confronted.  We were misled about Bella’s breeding conditions.  We were told that Petland uses breeders that they know and trust.  After problems arose- we were told Bella had been bought with the store and they didn’t know who had brokered her.

After asking further questions,  raising our concerns, and sharing the information we gathered from our research into the breeder, the Petland owner said he’d add them to the “do not buy list”.   Adding the information to a do not buy list after the fact, is not doing due diligence in evaluating the breeders and protecting pets and families.   By then?  It is too late. The damage has been done.  Our situation  did not need to happen. Petland needs to either stop selling puppies- OR  use breeders that they investigate and can stand behind, as they say they do, anything else is a misrepresentation.

Our experience adding Bella to our family has been extremely difficult, expensive and frightening.  It has opened our eyes to the reality of puppy mill breeding and it’s effects.

Bella is still sick, and we may have other challenges to face in regards to her long term health, but we’ll face them together. I only wish the dogs left behind at the puppymills had such love and luck.

If you have been touched by Bella’s story or have had a puppymill rescue or experience.. I encourage you to not accept this as a good business practice.  I encourage you to do what you can- to help other pets and families not experience what we have.

For more information on puppy mills and what you can do to stop them.. click-  here.

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