I’m working on a Mommy Manifest….. a list of clearly defined goals and values that I hold for Mothering. Iif you had a Mommy Manifest, what would it include?  Leave your ideas in the comments!

I will parent my children without criticizing the parenting choices of others…

I will parent each of my children uniquely, respecting the design that God has for them and their life.

I will trust that “being there” matters in my child’s life… even when they give me “that” look.

I will remember my children are not my report card, score card or trophy, but a gift to be cherished, appreciated and nurtured.

I will respect the unique design and plan that God has for other mothers and learn to appreciate the differences between us.

I will learn to balance holding on and letting go.  Using each one where it  fits.

I will let my children learn from their mistakes.  I will not rescue them from every consequence.

I will do my best not to gag when someone suggests my kid is going through a “phase” It’s probably true. We’ll survive.

I will trust that consistency produces results.. I will not continuously amp up my discipline in an attempt to force changes.

I will value and listen to the input of others  about my mothering, I will in turn, offer my input when asked  to.

I will listen and respect input from other mothers of all ages- I can learn from each one, older and younger.

I will learn to balance caring for myself and caring for my children, it will save our sanity.

I will encourage my kids to allow other safe adults to speak into their lives, even if it makes me feel threatened.

I will remember how fast time slips by and value each day- regardless of what it holds.It will all become our history.

I will dance with my children at the grocery store…memorable moments cannot be sacrificed to appearances.

I will live an authentic faith before my children, allowing them to see struggles and doubts as well as peace and beauty.

I will maintain supportive adult relationships, allowing my children to see my interdependance, so they will develop theirs.