Mommy v1.0 was released 12/13/89 (the day my oldest was born) – she was the beta version-  & had a lot of bugs to work out with the new tools she was running.  There were questions whether she should have released Mommy 1.0 or not but she let the software engineer determine the readiness, and the engineer used the early release to improve later versions.

Mommy v2.0 was a slightly better prepared release.  (8/8/92- my middle son’s b-day), but still needed to work out some bugs with multi- tasking and occasional system crashes.

The Mommy v3.0, release (when the older 2 boys went to school) was bumpy, as the previous updates needed a reinstall. Mommy v3.0 ran fairly well with the changes and a system re-boot.  She discovered new tools that she hadn’t had previously like conflict resolution and improved trust capabilities.

Mommy v4.0 was a total surprise release. The Software engineers kept the update under wraps for quite sometime before alerting the end users. However- March of 2002 turned out to be the perfect time to release v4.0 (with Noah’s Birth.) This version was a much smoother implementation- the new version was solidly based on previous updates.  Of course- it held it’s own challenges- but in general the release went well.

I feel like I’m about to be upgraded.  It makes me both a little nervous and excited. Nervous, because I know there are bound to be glitches along with the implementation and excited, because I know I’ll have a new tool bar when it’s completed. I’m not talking about my laptop… I’m talking about my mommy-hardware, my life is changing.

Rumors have it, that Mommy v5.0 is in the works, with an expected release date of September, 2009. The Software engineer is keeping the details of the update in strictest confidence, but as each new version has improved both the platform and the end- users experience, it is expected to be both well recieved, and to have the occasional bug to work out after it’s release.

MommySoft appreciates your patience as we prepare for this new release, and looks forward to serving you in the future, with its new tools!

My oldest is in college, my middle is graduating High School this year and my youngest will start school full-time in the fall… CHANGE is COMING!  To be honest- I don’t know exactly what the changes will look like in my day to day life.  But I know this– when “hardware” changes have happened in the past– God has always used them to update my “software”.

It seems like everytime my laptop updates.. there is a short period of chaos and problems, until the bugs are worked out. My Mommy hard drive goes through something similar.

When life changes- so does a Mom. With each change she has a choice.. to either click the “install updates now” button, or ignore it.  I’ve done both. Sometimes risking system failure or security breach because I was afraid it may be another “phishing” scam not an actual good change.. and sometimes because I don’t see a need to change anything because things seem to be running just FINE.

I mean.. why risk an update when there are bound to be glitches along with the improvements? he answer is the same for Moms as it is for software.. because the new tools and improvements are worth the risk.

Like most mom’s I’ve experienced my share of changes: Childbirth, weaning, walking, potty training, addition of children to the family, moving, job changes, moving, kids starting school, changing schools,income changes, church changes, kids graduating and entering college. The list is infinite. Mothering changes daily.

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my always changing and updating family...

my always changing and updating family...

Each change has had it’s own glitches and it’s own new tools that have shown up in the toolbar of my life.  I’ve learned greater trust in God because I cant always be with my kids-but he can, greater patience when I’ve had to wait for bugs and glitches to work themselves out, and countless other things from those changes.

I’ll be honest to say my first instinct when faced with change is to try and click the “update later” button, to avoid the system re-boot and potential bugs.. but, in life it isn’t that simple. Some changes can’t  be avoided they are  necessary  for both mom and child, others are outside of our control.

Necessary and changeable, or not, change is hard.  A struggle at best, at worst- a trial.  The Bible says trials can produce character.. If character is the essence of a woman, then change and trials CAN (in theory) produce a new, updated “version” of a woman’s character.  How does that happen?  I’m not honestly sure.. I just know they DO, when I allow the  updates, go through the implementation process and work out the bugs– I later find the new tools have “popped up” in my tool bar.

Maybe today- you’re staring at a “install update now” button.  Maybe you’re facing a change in your mothering or life and are wishing you could avoid it all together, because you know it will be hard.  I challenge you to pray and ask God to use the change in a powerful way to “update” you.

I’m doing the same.. embracing the changes instead of fighting them… and to be honest?  I’m kind of excited to see what new tools I’ll have  after the bugs are worked out!

Dear God.. change is part of every woman’s life.. but it’s so hard!  I pray that you’ll help me to know the difference between updates and spam.. and that you’d work through the bugs and glitches I run into with each necessary install… I love you Lord and trust you with the design and engineering of my life— amen.