battle scene

battle scene

“JUMP, “BELLA, NO” Bark, yip, chew, “Bella, NO!”  jump, bark, yip, RUN, chew, “Bella, GROSS!”

No, it’s not the words to a song or the moves to a dance.. just the game I’ve been playing for the past month. It involves a battle of will between me, the almighty dog mom and Bella, the 6 pound bundle of beasty spunk. It also involves her repeatedly jumping onto my coffee table, snatching a bite of cinnamon scented potpourri she has to dig out from under the faux/fruit it’s hidden beneath and running off to chew it until she vomits. Suffice to say- only one of us enjoys this game.

It’s NOT me.

Yesterday, after playing a few rounds of “Bark and Barf” as I like to call it.  I had a sudden flash of brilliance.  I MOVED the BASKET. Onto the kitchen table.  Where Bella can’t reach. With that simple action, the sun instantly shone brighter and through the open windows, I heard the  hallelujah chorus being sung by every bird in the neighborhood.  (Ok maybe not. But still, it was LIFE CHANGING! A miracle! My days of dog induced crazy were OVER!)

True, Bella jumped up on the coffee table a few more times, but found it’s lack of cinnamon flavored emetic totally disappointing. She moved on to chewing her actual chew toys. (Of which she is the Donald Trump of dogs.. she’s rich in chew toys, just sayin. )

As I sat savoring a victory latte’, I felt rather smug.  “Ha, take that pooch- who’s your momma?” I may have gloated.  That’s when I thought about the cookies on the counter.. and how well they’d go with my latte’ “a few won’t hurt, besides, I’m celebrating. “ And that quickly, I forgot about my goal of eating healthy and snarfed down half a dozen chocolate, walnut chunk treats.

When the sugar and caffeine rush wore off, I realized Bella hasn’t been the only one playing games. So have I.  I’ve been jumping into the pantry and snatching bite of goodies with abandon lately.  Ugh. that’s totally disregarding my commitment to healthier eating. I’ve also had a few impulsive purchases and have been spending too much time in less than worthwhile pursuits. (those Facebook games can be a time suck…just sayin’)

As the basket- safely out of reach, again caught my eye, I wondered if maybe I need to make some other small changes… Maybe I need to move some other things out of reach…from myself. Those cookies are the first thing to go…

What about you?  Do you need to get rid of some junk food that keeps making you jump to the pantry? Do you need to use an internet filter or limiter to help you avoid wasting time there? Do you need to put your credit card into a block of ice so you have to thaw it to use it?

Do you need to MOVE it, MOVE it?  If so- I encourage you to do it- TODAY. You just might find a little victory latte’ is in order!

13No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.”

Usually a way out requires movement- just sayin!