The game is ruined. It’s a sodden, soggy, buckled: MESS. Top that with with a scent of early stage mildew growth and you get the full picture.  I found the directions and multi-colored money scattered like broken rainbows across the lawn.  The game had been left out in the rain.


I had let the kids take it out to the “treehouse” and we totally forgot about it.   That was before vacation and the start of school, its been out there for a while.

Before bagging up the mess, I remembered how neat and tidy the banker had kept the money and how organized the properties had been, all lined up and grouped by color.  It was sad to see that what had once been carefully tended , now looked like a box of game board vomit.

That’s how I learned that Monopoly is not waterproof.

Come to think of it, no monopoly is.  Not monopolies of power, control, (momma control or otherwise) commodities (hello! stock market, crash much?) or ideas.  (I tend to think my ideas are best, my thought process is RIGHT and my methods – of parenting, marriage, cooking-the list goes on… are correct, of course…)

Seeing that soggy mess was a demonstration of the fact that monopolies are always subject to rain.  The rain may be in the form of economic crisis, pain, or the yanking of a neatly woven control rug out from under you,  your monopoly of  method or thought process may be proven wrong in the end-

you’re left with a box of soggy, wet mess. If that is- your “monopolies” are tangible……

I’m hoping mine aren’t.  I’m pryaing I find wisdom to trash what is. and to Hold dear what isn’t.  I just might keep this game (if I can stand the smell) around as a reminder …or maybe not.