I’ve daydreamed about having a job.  You know, a real job. Where you wear pants (not sweats ) and real shoes (*gasp* maybe even with a heel!) and a blouse (yes I said blouse.. see it’s been a while since I’ve had a job..) and interact with adults and have tasks that can be accomplished and a time to be finished working.

That kind of job.

In my daydream, my shoes match my bag, I like my boss and they think I’m amazing and I get a raise and eventually become the boss.  Of course, I dream of being the boss everyone loves.  I envision work as challenging and fun and fulfilling and creative.  Imagine being part of a team …. and…. and….I’d have enough money to pay someone else to do my laundry  and not have to wonder how I’m going to pay for tuition and books next semester …and I’d ride a unicorn that poops rainbows, to work each day. *sigh*

Yeah, I’m sure work is something like that.

It’s one of my personal: MommyMyths. (Stories I create about other moms, based on a bit of information.. instead of getting to know who they really are and what their life is really like.)

(Except the pooping rainbows part, I just made that up.)

Honestly? I’m anxious.

I’m afraid that working moms everywhere, would love to see me fall apart, quit or fail.  It’s possible. (Hey, I imagine my own antagonists, it’s a writers perrogative and adds to the drama.) The truth is the Mommy Wars have been going on for so long, we’re ready to battle with each to the death pretty much all the time.

In my head, I imagine tomorrow (and the rest of the week) as some kind of mash-up of The Office, Survivor, Friends and Wife-swap. We shall see. We may need Oprah or Dr Phil by the time this is all played out.

Tomorrow, I’ll be going to work. yes. Work. That kind of job. A real (ish) job.  In full disclosure, I will be working for Reliable Delivery, which happens to be owned by a friend. And yes, I have several friends who work there. (It’s kind of tough to be hired temporarily for a writing project… I had to play the friends and family card.)

However- They know what I need. As close to a real mom experience as possible.

Here are the rules:

1) I wanted to experience the childcare crunch. So I requested short notice before my official start date. I start tomorrow.

What my friends don’t know is: My husband is in California. I will have to be creative to arrange child care for my youngest and transport for a sports meeting for my High Schooler. Perfect, because i think working moms face this kind of conflict all the time.

2) I asked to be put through the ringer. It’s possible they have a Marine style -crucible type work week planned for me.  Or not. I’ll give it my best.

3) I will be writing authentically about this experience.. the good the bad and the ugly. I have permission to do so.  I will be writing during off hours. But may be tweeting throughout the day, when I get a chance.

4) I know it is IMPOSSIBLE to fully understand what it is like to be a full time working mom, through this experiment. That’s where you come in!  Email, Facebook Message or Tweet me with your real-life working mom experiences!  You’re quoted story about how you’ve busted my myths- could be in my book! (In process but not yet under contract)

“Mommy Mythbusting!”

So, are you ready?

I’m as ready as I’ll ever be….

to have my MommyMyths: Busted.  (or maybe confirmed. who knows?)

A huge thank you to Reliable Delivery for providing me with this experience, and for taking a risk- to bust a myth!

Questions for you:

1) If you’re a SAHM Mom.. have you daydreamed about working?

2) What do you dream it would be like?

3) If you’re a Working mom, do you daydream of Staying home?

4) What do you think that would be like?

Email, comment, or follow me on twitter-(all in the sidebar)  to let me know!