We made it about 50 yards past the kid’s bus stop- when our family walk ended in catastrophe.dog attack

“Mom! BIG DOG!” Noah screamed.

Then, he ran. (I have brilliant children.)

I looked up to see a big, shaggy dark  blur barreling towards us at top speed.

For an instant, I thought the dog was coming over to say “HI.”

He wasn’t.

When he didn’t slow down, I knew he was attacking. I couldn’t tell if his target was me, Noah, the guys or the dogs.

He went right for Sami our fat, sweet, gentle, beagle.

He tore into her and shook her like she was a (55 lb) dog toy.  Sami was on a 6 foot leash.  She was like a tether ball in his teeth. She tried to move away– and he came at her again.  My husband tried pulling Sami away..it didn’t work. He tried kicking the dog to make it let go. The dog would not. When his jaw slipped.. he just  bit again.  And again.

I don’t remember screaming. Our neighbors said I did.  I believe them. My heart raced and adrenaline pumped through my veins like a runaway train.

The dog owners- (at least 100 yards away)  didn’t move an inch.  Their “Caution: Guard Dog” Sign on the fence behind them, seemed to glow in mocking neon in the late afternoon light. My husband says they called their dog.  All I remember hearing was growling and screaming…

I swooped down to pick up Bella. (our 6 lb shorkie) and then turned to help karate kick the dark blur off of our Sami. It would not let go. I kicked again.  I felt my back wrench.

I kept kicking. I had to. There was no telling what that dog would do.

Finally my husband landed a good kick… and the dog reluctantly let Sami go.

Sami was curled into a howling ball of furry pain.

My 17 year old, Matt, comforted Sami– while my husband confronted the dog owners.

“Oh, did she get hurt?” They asked.

I don’t know what was said next.. But, Noah was shaking and crying.  Sami’s  back and side were ripped and bleeding.

“She’s  hurt…I’ll go get the car.. She needs a vet.” I said when my husband came back.

I was too afraid to put down Bella- I carried her while Noah and I ran all the way home, still shaking.

“Is Sami gonna die, Mommy?” Noah asked.

“No, She’ll be ok.” I said… wondering if I was lying.

I must have started crying at some point.  By the time I got home to get the car… I could barely speak.

“A dog… got Sami… Take care of Noah and Bella.. we have to get her to the vet…”

I grabbed the keys, my husband’s wallet, a blanket off the couch and all the cell phones I could find (No clue why I grabbed them all.. other than shock.) I ran back out the door… praying and crying while I drove back.

When I pulled up, in the car, Sami was on the ground with My husband and Matt… I was afraid I was too late.

I wasn’t.

I dialed 911 from one of the phones.

I waited for the police while my husband and Matt rushed Sami to the vet.

“We were just trying to take a walk.” I kept saying.. to myself.. the police.. the dog’s owner… and to no one in particular.

The vet stayed open late to take care of Sami.  She is stapled up and has 7 puncture, tear, bite wounds. She couldn’t go up or down even one step to go outside for potty until this morning. (The guys have had to lift her down.)

By the time the police left our house, (they came back over after we brought Sami home from the vet.  They needed to see the damage.)my back was killing me. I couldn’t sleep Friday night.. it just got more and more painful all night.

I went to the doc on Saturday. And will probably have to go back again this week.

The owner received a ticket and their dog is quarantined. (To their yard.)

It never crossed my mind that we could be attacked by a dog while out for a family walk.

We’re now hearing that this isn’t the first incident with dogs from this home. There have been other un-provoked attacks, but they have been reported to the police.

This one has been. We are working through trauma the issues with Noah, and Sami and I are recovering with rest and meds. (Interesting factoid: we’re on the same pain meds.. hers, however, were cheaper… maybe I should start going to the vet for health care!:P)

***Our vet recommended carrying mace or pepper spray whenever we walk (esp with our dogs)… I hope that if you stop by today ….. You’ll pick some up and carry it with you- so that if this happens to you, you’ll be able to protect yourself and your pet. I also hope that if you DO have an issue with a dog… that you’ll report it to the police.  NOT reporting incidents like this, (even if owners pay your vet bills) just puts other people and pets at risk of injury.  Once a dog attacks, the chances that it will attack again, are high. ***

Dog Safety tips:

  • always be in control of your pet.
  • follow all leash laws.
  • Carry pepper spray while out walking, to protect yourself and your pet from attacks.
  • Follow through by reporting incidents.  “Being nice” doesn’t protect others.