It’s not the running that has been painful. Its the soreness and pain afterwards. Not just the muscle aches, which I expected, but a serious, throbbing pain. In my toe. The first day I ignored it. The second day I switched shoes, ran and then found it was swollen. By the third day, I didn’t run at all, I was wincing in pain. Shoes were not an option. Sandals were an outside possibility.

Not good.

Then, my toenail started looking bruised. The worse than bruised. U-G-L-Y. (You ain’t go not alibi)

Very, not good. I’ll spare you the details- but I managed to experience my first runners injury in 20 years. A few minutes with my friend Google and I discovered I had a (not so) lovely case of “runner’s toe.” (A hematoma/bruise under the toe nail.)

I took care of the toe. (No- you don’t want to know.) It’s now improving and I’m working to avoid this in the future.

It’s caused by 3 things: increasing mileage too fast, downhill running and poorly fitting shoes.

Apparently, my shoes haven’t been fitting properly. Ugh.

Sunday afternoon, in an attempt to rescue my run-momentum. I headed with hubby to: Running Fit, in Northville, Michigan. I ducked into the shop, feeling like a spy. I’m not exactly a “runner” nor, am I actually- “fit.” I feared being run out of the store as a misfit.

I wasn’t. I explained the problem and the goal; (to continue running as much as possible and not have to start all over again.. that would suck.) And then tried on more pair of shoes than I ever have in my life. Mizuno, Saucony, New Balance, Brooks, Nike.

I tried them on in various sizes. (I’m a shoe ho.. but this was extreme, even for me.)

I sought sock advice. (seriously, socks matter.)

I left with a pair of Brooks and 3 pair of wicking socks.. (I love my cotton socks.. but not so much for running.) I’ve scaled back my mileage to 3-5 (from 4-6) miles per day.

My advice?  If you want to keep running, make sure your shoes fit.  If they don’t… CHANGE them.