My right shin hurts.  I have a headache.  I am stressed about several things that are currently “up in the air” that I have little (to no) control over.  I am craving a cupcake and Starbucks. But, I don’t want to have wasted this morning’s 5 miles. I don’t feel like cooking dinner or doing the drive-mania. I would like a nap and for my laundry to magically clean, fold and put itself away.  My kitchen floor is gross and I don’t want to clean it. I’m too cold in the morning and too warm in the afternoon.

I am cranky, for no real reason.  I am tired, even tough I slept just fine.

I haven’t checked the calendar.. but yeah. It could partly, be that. Or, I may simply be: Whine-stein. (Whinesteina? Whatever) I’m a genius in complaining.

I got skillz. I can complain about small things and make them sound huge- like saying leg shaving resulted in a texas chainsaw massacre-esque type scene…) or big things and make them small.. “Oh sure.. there is blood and pain involved… but really.. I’m fine…” (Sneaky complaining and minimizing at the same time.. see?  I told ya- SKILLZ.)

Here’s the thing. And it’s a BIG thing.  I see people in Nashville, and clarksville and other Ville’s in Tennessee dealing with water damage, mold and uncovered loss… with all the normal emotions.. but no whining.

Instead, I see people coming together to help each other how ever they can.  A  shovel, a rake a truck to haul away dry-wall.  I see words of thanks but no complaints. I see people facing loss, with hope and determination.

While I complain. About cupcakes and sore shins and crankiness.

I quit.  I’m stopping complaining.  Instead, I’ll do something for someone else.

Like text: REDCROSS to 90999 and reply YES when prompted- to donate $10 to help with flood relief.

Oh wait, I just did.  And you know what?  I have no desire to complain about it:)

Are you whiney today?  What about?

(Sometimes just saying it out loud helps me get over it.. or at least get a clue it’s not the end of the world…)

What can you do instead?

Let’s set aside the whinestein for the day.. i mean really… I think we can do better than genius of complaining.. don’t you?