I felt pretty good. The sun was shining and I’d picked up a rotisserie chicken for dinner. (Read: no cooking.) I even managed to get the groceries into my truck without breaking any glass. I bought vegetables. I was going to be on time to meet the bus!  I rock.

I slammed the hatch and rolled the cart to the “cart corral.” “Wow, I just saved some high school kid the trouble of walking across the parking lot for this cart. I probably just saved that mini-van from a cart-cident!”

I felt like a good person. And, thanks to the vegetables I’d just bought, and the fact that I was on time for a change…I felt like a good mom. Score!

Then,out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a rogue grocery-cart. Honestly, for a brief moment I considered leaving it where it was. Right behind a car. But, remembering the Great Target Cart Confrontation of 2008, (Where a lady yelled at me for being cart-negligent and told me all the bad things that can happen because of rogue carts.. oopsy.) I decided to push the cart into the cart corral. Because: I’m a good person.

“Wow. I can’t believe how inconsiderate people can be. Doesn’t anyone put things away anymore?” I mumbled to myself. Then I shoved the cart into it’s spot and looking around to see if anyone noticed what a good person, I was.

No one did.

“Harrumph.” (seriously, I “harrumphed” to myself. That’s not a good sign.)

I felt my good mood, drain out through my sandals.

As I walked back to my truck, I saw HER.  A woman walking away from her cart. Now a rogue cart- just sitting there in the middle of the parking lot! She just left it there! Doesn’t she know the danger?  Doesn’t she care? Didn’t she just see me walk 2 carts to the corral, one of which was not mine???? How inconsiderate! What an ingrate!

I thought about confronting her…but I didn’t want to Google myself and find out I was the topic of a blog post called: “The Great Cart Debacle at Holiday Market.” (Yes, I assume everyone blogs, don’t you?) I glared at her as she drove right past me.  She must be highly insensitive to glare.. because she never looked my way.

I rolled my eyes, shrugged my shoulders like a stage actress, and stomped over to right her wrong. I shoved that cart into the cart corral like it was a statement on the condition of man.

I stomped back to my truck.

Which is about the time I heard a tiny familiar, voice… “Nice. From self confident to self righteous in 3.2 seconds.” It may have been God.. or his more snarky counterpart known as my conscience.


Self Righteous?  Me? Yup.  I guess so. At least today it was just over grocery carts.. and no one was actually harmed…I hate it when I tip from self confident to self -righteous… happens so fast!

For the record:  I’m pretty sure the “Harrumph” was the actual tipping point.. but it may have been earlier..

Dear Lord- Sorry about that little fit in the grocery parking lot and thanks for talking me down… I was really teetering.. ok maybe I tipped the scale way over to self-righteous… forgive me Lord– and help me not judge others and turn what could have been a simple act of kindness into an act of self-righteousness.. help me see myself rightly and be gracious to both myself.. and others.. I love you Lord- amen.

Readers fess up: When was the last time you felt yourself go over the self-righteous tipping point? What was it over?  What could you have done differently? Or am I alone here???