It’s not mine. It’s a loaner. 

If I could, I’d put a huge sticker that reads just that, on each side of the car I’m currently driving.

Not because it’s so rusty that I’m at risk of falling through the floor boards if I go through drive through and eat an order of fries. Not because the paint is but a memory and the tires are as bald as an 85 year old Italian. (man or woman… it’s in our genes:P) Although- I have driven cars that fit those descriptions:)

It’s because it’s because it’s a *gasp* Mercedes. It’s new. And yes, it’s a loaner. It has a camera to make sure you don’t back into anything. Good thing, cause a fender bender would cost more to repair than I’ve ever earned in one year.

The thing is… I’m a christian.. and well… we mostly think that our things show a direct correlation between ones spiritual walk and ones wallet.

When it comes to cars we follow this equation: Beater= holy driver, Mercedes= selfish sinner.

And so… I feel like this loaner should have a nice clear disclaimer. Maybe, it’s because I’m too worried about what people think of me. (Hello- for the most part they don’t.) Maybe, it’s because I don’t think anyone should drive a car this pricey.. the money could/ should go to help orphans and widows… right?

But… what if it’s just another layer of judgmentalism? What if deep down, I believe that people with money are all selfish?

What if I’m wrong?

Dear Lord… money is something Christians almost never talk about… except to complain about how others spend it. God, I pray that you’d remove the log of judgment from my eye when it comes to cars and money…and Lord? I have to admit.. it’s a really nice car and I kind of like driving it… just for a little while….I hope that’s not sin….PS: Help me not wreck this stupid car.. it makes me nervous! Amen.


Are there things that you see others purchase, drive or use that make you automatically wonder about their spiritual condition? Have you ever driven, owned or been given something extravagant that made you feel selfish? Do you think King Solomon felt guilty? King David? Would love to hear your thoughts…..Is there like some heirarchy of automotive selfishness?  Is a Chevy ok.. but a Lexus too much?  How bout a used one?  A Mercedes? A Rolls?