I was just trying to do.. what one does in the bathroom… and I don’t mean bathe. (I wasn’t at home, and I try to avoid bathing in public, except for my hands which s culturally acceptable…)  And to be brutally honest-(Hey we’re already talking toilets what have I got to lose?)  I hadn’t been doing what one does, for very long- when the auto-flush toilet suddenly decided I should be done.

I wasn’t.

So, I didn’t move.

I continued on.

So, it tried again, to rush me. By flushing!  That toilet wanted me to: hurry up.

Apparently there is a toity-time limit that I’m not aware of, and I had surpassed.

In a moment (Or more) of rebellion, I decided to revolt.

Why? Because- I’m sick of being rushed.

Everything and every one keeps trying to rush me! Christmas decorations were in stores on Halloween. Which means I was behind on decorating in October. Before Thanksgiving, I had already received several “Last Minute” Holiday catalogues and emails….Really?  I was already a last minute shopper, in November? My Iphone’s auto finish even tries to hurry my texting… (And it does…when it doesn’t guess cantilever when I meant to say I can’t find the lever…my husband travels.. sometimes I need to fix my non-auto-flushing toilets at home  when he’s out of town …) And my microwave is so fast my eggs are cooked before the chicken even has  a twinkle in her eye….some days I feel like the whole world is trying to rush me. We won’t even talk about my kids being in a rush to go places… and grow up.

I’m tired of all the rushing.

So, I sat there. And took my time. And it flushed.

And I sat. And it flushed, again!

And I sat. And… well.. you get the picture. (Maybe more of a picture than you’d prefer:P)

As a matter of fact. I’m sitting there right now.*

I may never leave, because I’m tired of being rushed and double flushed. (Which is not very green, I may add.)

I want to slooow down, take my time- however long that is. I want Christmas to be in December- and Halloween to be in October. I want a break between the two. I don’t want a Christmas tree with orange lights- because I can put it up earlier and do double duty.

How bout you?

So my questions for  you are:

… are you feeling rushed?

Who or what is making you feel rushed?

Are you ready to revolt?  I

n what areas do you take your time, even if someone else is trying to rush you?

I like to slow down and knit… and before the smart alecs say it….No, NOT in the bathroom…Yes, I know that buying things is faster- but there is something wonderfully slow about making something by hand…I also like to cook. Without a microwave.

So….am I the only one sick of being rushed and flushed?

*PS- I only kind of exaggerated this & I have the  potty-bottom to prove it… :P (I hate that too- especially in the summer at the beach… when I’m wearing a swim suit….but let’s not go there…)