What is a “twitter party” anyway?

A Twitter party is a planned  time and virtual place to meet and discuss in realtime the MOPS event that coincides. ( there are other types of twitter parties too… but I’m focusing on MOPS today;)

Why bother?

It’s a way to connect with both MOPS International (via our MOPS social media connection- they may have questions for you to answer via tweets!) and with other moms who are either attending the event in person and online or participating in the conversation at home. I love that Twitter gives us an opportunity to connect with Moms from all over… we really are : MOPS International!  This is a way to put into practice immediately our desire/need to be wired for community!

How do I attend?

First- by creating a twitter account. You can do this on your smart phone, by downloading the appropriate twitter app (free) or on your computer.(also free ;) All it takes is an email address and about 2 minutes.

You attend a Twitter party by “following” the twitter party “hashtag.” A hashtag is a word or phrase used by twitterers to find and join in conversations around a central subject. The Summit hashtag is: #MOPSsummit

How Do I “Follow” a Hashtag?

You enter the hashtag in your search bar. (Top of your Twitter page- left hand side- kind of hard to spot as it’s in a dark area- see the screen shot) If you have streaming enabled- all the posts (whether you follow- or know the poster or not) will show up in your stream! It’s connection magic! (Well- it’s pretty cool, anyway.)

Here’s a screen shot from my computer to show what this all looks like: (click to enlarge)

How do I know who I’m taking to, and (more importantly…) is it ok to just jump into conversations?

…. you can introduce yourself like you would if you saw another mom standing in line with a MOPS bag at Target. You can also click to view her “profile” and see what you may have in common..and then join the conversation. Or- you can just jump in. Twitterers know their conversations are public and expect people to join in.. it’s half the fun! (And something to keep in mind… if you don’t want anyone to hear it said.. you shouldn’t say it on twitter..) You do not need to “follow” everyone who participates… but- you can- by clicking the “follow” button on her profile.

Is there a way to find other MOPS moms on Twitter?

Yes- I’ve been working on a Twitter-list of all the MOPS moms I find on Twitter- You can click here to see the posts by moms on that list- and you can click at the top of the list to “follow” the list as you would a hashtag…it’s a lot of fun to hear what other MOPS moms are doing between events! If you’re on twitter and would like to be included- on the list- just message or tweet me: @traceysolomon And I’ll add you!

Additional tip: I sometimes search for the word “MOPS” and click to follow anyone who’s mentioning it…;) That’s how I found many of the moms already on the list!  Here’s what the list page looks like: (I’m visual.. screenshots help me:)  

Are there rules for Twitter parties?

Not really- but, I try to treat twitter- people  and conversations the same as I would in real life. It’s not a place to pretend to be Simon Cowell and rip apart the leaders working hard to train and serve you… they are real peeps- not just tweeps:)

The bottom line? Be respectful and have fun!

If you have other questions- you can reach me by email (in my sidebar- I’m a Community Networker, here in Michigan) or in the comments…Can’t wait to “virtually meet” you tomorrow during the Twitter party!